The Tukwila Children’s Foundation understands that urgent needs arise at unpredictable times and they are often difficult to address in a timely and effective manner. That is why we are extending our support to individuals and organizations who have capacity by offering them the resources necessary to address these issues. The Tukwila Children’s Foundation has always enabled proactive and grassroots community support by offering grants that individuals and small organizations can apply for to address these unforeseen or often overlooked issues.

Below are a few small initiatives that we have funded in the past:
- Funding for three (3) Foster students to attend Exeter ($1,050)
- Literacy Kits ($500)
- Emergency Funds for three (3) elementary schools + Tukwila Police & Fire ($5,500)
- Read-A-Thon - Books ($500)
- Literacy Night ($615)

Application instructions:
Please study our mission statement, vision, and core values.
Please fill out application in its entirety.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Grant requests are reviewed on a monthly basis, with the exception of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.