As residents, parents, and children of the Tukwila community, we understand that there are fewer resources, programs, and opportunities available to our youth compared to other communities. To help close the gap, the Tukwila Children’s Foundation has made establishing and awarding academic and extracurricular scholarships one of its primary focuses. Our goal is to offer a wide range of accessible funds that can go towards academic, extracurricular, and work opportunities.

To help kickstart our goal, we partnered with nine Foster High School alumni from the class of 2012 to sponsor our first academic scholarship, The Bulldog Dream Scholarship, and awarded the funds to two exemplary graduating seniors from the class of 2019. This is our first step towards many more in our effort to further advance the academic, extracurricular, and professional opportunities and accomplishments of the youth in our community.

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Active scholarships:

Bulldog Dream

The Bulldog Dream Scholarship was established by alumni to assist first-generation Foster High School graduating seniors towards the next chapter in their educational career and toenable them to share the Bulldog experience with others outside our community.

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